Amaranto symbolizes to all of those, man and women, who in the past and present plough the Mendoza dessert in order to create new grooves.

It represents the small producers, those who love the vineyard and its cares. Amaranto reunites the man and his horses’ strength to turn the vines into wine. Amaranto is those who together with his old horse, go thru the rows of the vineyards in order to let arrive the water to its destination. Amaranto is those who pray to the stars to free them from frost and hail to let the grapes convert into wine.

With Amaranto we tribute to all the anonymous hands which work in the vineyards. Amaranto also represents all the small producers who have joined together their working hands in the Fair Trade project: the founders of “Vinas de la S olidaridad”. Amaranto evokes to our immigrant grandfathers who turned over the love for the grounds, the sun and the Mendoza malbec.

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